UberFLAC's /autoname:<Strategy> switch provides the ability to rename all files in a rip based on tag values. If no naming strategy is given then ArtistTitle is assumed. This switch is only valid when the /sig switch is also provided.

Signing a rip requires that all file names contain only characters that are contained within the Windows-1252 character set. This is a requirement of digest (.md5) and playlist (.m3u) files. UberFLAC will ensure that files are 1252 "clean" when renaming by substituting characters where appropriate.
Files and directories are never renamed by UberFLAC. Files may be renamed by the user and those renames will be detected. In addition to manual track renames, the 3 album files may be renamed if all are renamed consistently. Failure will result from any names that are not Windows-1252 clean.
For tracks, layout is always:

<track> - <artist> - <title>.flac

For album files, layout is:

<artist> - <date> - <album>

unless the rip has no album artist in which case the album file layout is:

(Various) - <date> - <album>
For tracks where the artist is identical to the album artist, the track layout is:

<track> - <title>.flac

otherwise the layout is:

<track> - <artist> - <title>.flac

For album files, layout is typically:

<artist> - <date> - <album>

For discs without an album artist, the album file layout is:

- <album> - <date>
Tracks and album files are renamed like ShortTitle with additional tags used to form album file names. For details, see UnloadedAlbum Naming Strategy.

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