The new WpfFlac.exe program is a Windows graphical version of uberflac.exe that should look familiar to users of the console version. Many command line options are carried over to supply initial application settings in this usage:

WpfFlac.exe [/autoname[:<strategy>]] [/g:<granularity>] [/md5] [/prove[:web]] [/rg] [/sig:<signature>] [/ubertags] [<directoryOrLog>]

Below are screen captures of the GUI version of UberFLAC. First, no signature is supplied which shows verification of EAC log and associated FLAC files residing in the same directory.

The default console tab report is identical to uberflac.exe:

The EAC log tab shows that every flac passed all diagnostics. Here, a track has been clicked to preview the tags:

If a signature is supplied, the same checks are performed on the EAC log and FLACs as well as creating a MD5 digest file and if necessary, a playlist. Here, files are also autonamed:

Any changes to FLAC files require a re-signing. In this example, four song titles have been changed. The MD5 file contains four entries that are no longer valid:
Cannot resolve image macro, invalid image name or id.

After supplying a comment for the history log and clicking Commit, the digest and playlist are updated:

To verify that a rip is of the highest integrity, check the first two boxes and verify:

The new history action can now be seen on the md5 tab:

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