Mediags, UberFLAC v3.3.3

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Released: Jan 7, 2017
Updated: Jan 7, 2017 by Nongorilla
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Application mediags.exe
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Application uberflac.exe
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Source Code Mediags-Source-v3.
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Release Notes

Changes since v3.0:

Mediags v3.3.3
  • Adds switch /h:WebCheck for EAC log self-hash checking.
  • Renames escalators StrictErr to ProveErr, StrictWarn to ProveWarn.
  • Increases maximum log file size.
  • Replaces application icon.

UberFLAC v3.3.3
  • Renames switch /strict to /prove.
  • Adds switch /prove:web for EAC log self-hash checking which requires a web connection.
  • Adds switch /ubertags to enforce Uber Guide tagging.
  • Adds checkboxes to GUI app for /prove:web and /ubertags.
  • Improves usability of GUI app with help popups and color indicators.
  • Adds application icon to GUI app; replaces icon of console application.
  • Fixes null reference exception on invalid log file.
  • Increases maximum log file size.
  • Adds diagnostics for unexpected contents after EAC log hash.
Changes since 3.3.0:


This release is focused on changes related to verifying EAC logs. This not only affects UberFLAC, it also affects Mediags since it can be used as a simple log checker.

This release adds a new history action 'proved' that gets written to the .md5 when a rip is checked with the /prove:web switch. With this new action, web connectivity is required only for the first check and subsequent checks may only use the /prove switch.

In order to keep terms in synchronization, the /strict switch has been renamed to /prove. Also, enforcement of UberFLAC Guide tagging has been factored out of /strict and may now be enforced with the new /ubertags switch.

For the GUI version of UberFLAC (WpfFlac.exe), checkbox equivalents have been added for these new switches along with popup help screens and issue coloring. See updated screen captures here: UberFLAC over WPF.

Note from the last screen capture that highest quality rips are now awarded a green star.


Download any of mediags.exe, uberflac.exe, or WpfFlac.exe. The uberflac.exe & WpfFlac.exe programs require the program flac.exe to be in your path. If the /rg switch is used, metaflac.exe must be in your path too. Extract them from downloaded from here:

There is no installer, just copy the above files to a directory in your path. Execute from the command line. Use the switch /help to view syntax.

You may also create a desktop shortcut to mediags.exe or uberflac.exe and add the /k switch to the target in the shortcut properties dialog. Then drag and drop a directory from Explorer to the shortcut icon to invoke the program recursively on that directory. The /k switch instructs the program to wait for a keypress before exiting.

Build notes

This release was built with Visual Studio 2015.3 Community Edition.

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