Mediags, UberFLAC v3.0.0

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Released: Dec 12, 2016
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Release Notes

Changes since v2.0:

Mediags v3.0.0
  • MP3: Improves /g:detail reporting
  • Mkv: improves diagnostics on malformed files
  • EAC log: adds support for EAC 0.99 log file layout
  • EAC log: adds test pass, AccurateRip & CueTools confidence reporting
  • Improves reporting for the /g:long level of reporting detail
  • Adds switches /g:StrictErr, /g:StrictWarn for EAC log checking

UberFLAC v3.0.0
  • Fixes null reference exception on legacy rip conversions with ignored artwork and /autoname supplied
  • Fixes failed directories sometimes not getting prefixed with !!_ERRORS_!!
  • Fixes bounds error on short .m3u when using /autoname on erroneously signed legacy rips
  • Fixes assumption that FLACs are always sorted by OS
  • Adds support for transitional EAC v0.99 log layout
  • Adds reporting for test pass, AccurateRip & CueTools DB confidence
  • Change to /strict to require any of AccurateRip or CueTools verification or matching test/copy CRCs
  • Ignores all artwork (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png) when converting legacy rips
  • Shows program version and empty directories when /g:Verbose or greater
  • For the WPF version, improves reporting and screen layout
  • Allows /g:Terse or /g:Quiet when no /sig supplied


This release is to primarily address an UberFLAC null reference issue that may be encounted when converting rips that include illegal files in the .md5 while also using /autoname. Many other minor improvements have been made to UberFLAC.

Many minor improvements have been made to Mediags output especially for the /g:long format. EAC log checking has also been enhanced.

The UberFLAC /strict behavior has been modified. A rip will no longer fail if AccurateRip verification is missing as long as a successful EAC test pass has been performed. This is necessary for new or rare releases.

The new switches for the mediags executable apply only to EAC log checking. They provide the equivalent of the UberFLAC /strict switch for log checking. Here is an example that would scan a media library and diagnose log files only. Including /strict will escalate some issues to errors to verify that the rip was performed with EAC v1 or greater and to high standards:

mediags /e:StrictErr /f:*.log C:\FlacLib


Download any of mediags.exe, uberflac.exe, or WpfFlac.exe. The uberflac.exe & WpfFlac.exe programs require the program flac.exe to be in your path. If the /rg switch is used, metaflac.exe must be in your path too. Extract them from downloaded from here:

There is no installer, just copy the above files to a directory in your path. Execute from the command line. Use the switch /help to view syntax.

You may also create a desktop shortcut to mediags.exe or uberflac.exe and add the /k switch to the target in the shortcut properties dialog. Then drag and drop a directory from Explorer to the shortcut icon to invoke the program recursively on that directory. The /k switch instructs the program to wait for a keypress before exiting.

Build notes

This release was built with Visual Studio 2015.3 Community Edition.

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