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Developer notes


This project may be compiled using the free (and excellent) Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition (Update 4) or greater. There are no external dependencies. Get it here:

Or download the full ISO here:

Version 2.0.0 was built with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Community Edition.

Visual Studio projects

  • FormatDomain: All the "business" logic of file formats as a shared library.
  • FormatDomain4: The FormatDomain library compiled to .NET 4.
  • ConDiags: The console front-end branded as Mediags. In addition see the file DiagsModel_Diags.cs for model logic.
  • ConFlac: The console front-end branded as UberFLAC. In addition see the file DiagsModel_Flac.cs for model logic.
  • WpfFlac: GUI front-end of UberFLAC.
  • UnitTest: A woefully short set of unit tests. Code coverage is abysmal.
  • Bench: Code generation and benchmarking folder of projects.
All applications are purely portable. Installation is just a file copy of the build output of the first three projects: One common library and any choice of the three front end executables.


Architecture is a variant of a hybrid of MVC, MVP, MVVM, etc. The advantages of this design are:
  • Identical architecture between console and WPF apps as shown in below diagrams.
  • There is no external framework dependency.
Here are the top-level classes of the Mediags console application:

These are the top-level classes of the experimental Mediags Universal Windows app with reuse of the model:

Domain detail:

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